Activity 5 - Liberation

1. Think of images you associate with the term liberation and jot down any words or phrases that come to mind. Listen to Edith Birkin's account on liberation. Does the situation she describes match up to any of the words you selected? If not, why not? Explain your response in written form.

2.Edith Birkin describes liberation from Auschwitz as "the very worst time". On liberation from camps, survivors encountered a whole set of problems.

  • Make notes on what you consider the immediate and long-term effects of the camps would be on survivors.
  • Use the oral testimonies, together with your responses to fill in the Student worksheet: Liberation .

3. The concepts of justice or vengeance receive media coverage relating to current world issues. Should justice or vengeance apply to Nazi War criminals who are still being tried today?

  • Having listened to the testimonies in Topic 5 decide whether you think Nazi perpetrators, collaborators or bystanders should be punished so long after the Holocaust.
  • Create a discussion forum to debate these issues.