Activity 4 - Resistance

1. Emmanuel Ringelblum, a Jewish historian of the Warsaw ghetto, wrote in his diaries that the Jews went like lambs to the slaughter. This phrase is often used out of context to suggest that little or no Jewish resistance took place during the Holocaust.

  • Using testimonies in this section write down examples that support/counteract this claim.
  • Think about possible obstacles to resistance. Record your responses. Check these with the background text to The Resistance

2. This whole section is on the theme of resistance during the Holocaust. Do you think that it is necessary to highlight Jewish resistance during the Holocaust? If so, why? 

3. In Israel today, the Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Martyrs and Heroes' Remembrance Authority, honours non-Jewish people who helped the Jews. They are given the title 'Righteous Gentiles'.

  • Find examples of non-Jewish resistance against the Nazis. For example you may want to do some research on Oscar Schindler, Raoul Wallenberg, the Danish or the White-Rose group. You may also wish to conduct some research and interview Righteous Gentiles today. 
  • Would you classify these people as heroes? 
  • Name some people who are considered the heroes of today.
  • Consider whether our views of heroes change according to the times we live in.