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Voices of the Holocaust, a cross curricular resource pack compiled and edited by Carrie Supple and Rob Perks is available from The British Library.

The pack is for all teachers wishing to explore the history of the Holocaust, and the issues it raises about discrimination, prejudice and faith in our own society today. For History teachers it is an essential resource for teaching the Holocaust as a compulsory element of the National Curriculum at Key Stage 3. For Religious Education, PSE, English, Drama, Geography, Art and Citizenship, it suggests a wider range of project work and discussion topics.

It contains four audio cassettes with over two hours of oral history recordings, drawn from one of Britain's most important Holocaust archives of interviews with survivors. They cover the main events and issues in thematic sections: life before the Holocaust; antisemitism; Nazis in power; getting out; occupation; ghettos; deportation and arrival; camps; death marches and liberation. The accompanying book contains a general introduction followed by a background introduction, discussion topics, suggested activities, full transcripts of the recordings and photographs relating to each section.
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