"all Jewish shops were boycotted"
Henry Guterman



"The 1st of April 1933 was the famous boycott day when all Jewish shops were boycotted and people were not allowed to go in to do any of their shopping. And one of the memories that I have of that boycott, because I did see the storm troopers standing outside the Jewish shops with… where they had placards on, 'These are Jews, don't shop here', was a memory that I heard of, of a friend of my parents who was non-Jewish, a woman probably in her early seventies at the time, rather an aristocratic type of lady, and she decided to go shopping and she went into the shop where she normally shops, and they tried to… as it was a Jewish shop they tried to stop her, but she said, "No, I have shopped here all my life, I shop here every day. I'm going to go in and to hell with you" and she carried on and went in shopping. Nothing happened to her, but this is sort of a memory I have of that particular day. At the time I would be eight, and with Hitler having come to power on the 31st January of that year it is amazing how the whole situation had changed very quickly and dramatically and so far that the secret police and SA and SS had sort of taken over."


Henry Guterman
Born 1924, Berlin, Germany.
Father left to work in England, followed with mother and brother in December 1938. Married twice, three children.