Shielding Jews

"why would they take the Gentile people?"
Rose Groves



Image of lying on matresses

"We had a kind of a mattress, and I slept on that, and next to me as a Hungarian woman, a Gentile, and I just was astonished. I asked her, how on Earth did she get in here, why would they take the Gentile people from Hungary? She was…. she lived in a small village, and she told me this, that because she shielded some Jewish people, or a Jewish couple, she was taken into prison and she was deported to a camp. Whether she was in Auschwitz or not I cannot remember now, at this stage, but she was in various camps."


Rose Groves
Born 1926, Bekescsba, Hungary, moved to Romania 1927. Following Hungarian occupation in 1940 family taken into slave labour. German occupation 1943, ghetto. Auschwitz and Birkenau camps, Hornburg (munitions factory), Porta Westphalia, Luneberg, Saltswedel camps. Liberated 1945. To England 1946. Married, two children, six grandchildren, divorced.