"we had an organised sabotage group"
Trude Levi



Image of factory work

"Already by the second day we had an organised sabotage group. In the filling room for the grenades, luckily some chemists, some former chemists were put, and we organised a sabotage group. At each point there was one person, one key person, to ruin the grenade. The first that was, the leaving out of the sulphur from the mixture, that was in the laboratory, up in the filling room. There, there was no control. The next one was damaging the wing of the grenade. One… I don't remember every step but one of the steps was, and that I already have been given instructions, on the third day, to damage caps, to not to tighten the caps too much. And the last one was, and that was… and there was a sign, we made a sign of each grenade. If there was control and you couldn't put it through, then you managed to make a sign, so that the next person knew that they had to do some sort of damage to the grenade."


Trude Levi
Born 1924, Szombathely, Hungary.
Ghetto 1944. Taken to Sarvar, then to Auschwitz/Birkenau camp. Hessich-Lichtenau/Buchenwald camp, death march to Riesa. Liberated 1945. To France. To England 1957. Married, children.