John Waller pilloried for perjury

John Waller, pilloried for perjury

The pillory is an engine made of wood, to punish offenders, by exposing them to public view, and rendering them infamous. There is a statute of the pillory 51 Henry III; and by statute it is appointed for bakers, forestallers, and those who use false weights, perjury, forgery. Lords of Leets are to have a pillory and tumbrel, or it will be the cause of forfeiture of the leet; and a village may be bound by prescription to provide a pillory,
The name is derived from two Greek words, signifying 'to look through a door;' because one standing on the pillory puts his head, as it were, through a door.
This profligate wretch, Waller, to robbery added the still greater sin of accusing the innocent, in order to receive the reward in certain cases attending conviction. The abominable dealer in human blood was tried at the Old Bailey for robbing, on the highway, one John Edglin, and afterwards, under the name of John Trevor, giving a

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