The use of birch rods as means of punishing prisoners in 1899

Circular Memorandum

(i) Governors are informed that the Secretary of State has approved three descriptions of birch rods for use in H M Prisons.

(2) These birch rods will be designated -
(a) Juveniles up to 10
(b) Juveniles over 10
(c) Adults
(3) They are for use as under-
(a) For Males up to 10 years of age
(b) For Males over 10 and up to 16 years of age
(c) For males over 16 years of age
(4) All rods will be made to the following specification:-

Weight not exceeding, ounces 6, 9, 12
Length from end of hand to tip of spray, inches: 34, 40, 48
Length of handle, inches: 8, 15, 22
Circumference of spray at centre, inches: 5½, 6, 7
Circumference of handle at top of binding, inches: 3¼, 3½, 5 Circumference of handle 6 inches from end, inches: 2¾, 3, 3

(5) When demanding these articles from Pentonville Prison Governors will quote the short designation given in paragraph 2.

(6) All rods now in stock which do not conform to the specification will be condemned forthwith.

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