Votes for mothers

National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies

Votes for Mothers

They tell you 'The Woman's Place is the Home'. Well, if you had votes you might have better homes; and if you had better homes your children would have a better chance.

You have seen many a poor woman's baby as fine and healthy at birth as the child of any wealthy woman in the land. You have seen that baby gradually pine, grow thin, pale, fretful, and at last sicken and die, in spite of all its mothers love and care.

Why did that baby die?

Most likely it died because the house into which it was born was unhealthy, insanitary, overcrowded, and consequently full of poisonous germs.

To prove this go to Birmingham. There you will find that, in a poor and crowded part of the city, of every 1,000 babies born 331 die. But, only 4½ miles away, in the garden village of Bournville where the people have good and healthy houses, of every 1,000 babies born only 65 die. That means that of every five babies who die in the unhealthy houses only one would have died had it been born in a healthy home - four of the five dead babies need not have died at all. They were killed by conditions which ought not to exist - conditions which their mothers had no power to change.

That is why mothers want votes. For then they could send men to Parliament who would say: 'We have had enough of this wholesale slaughter of innocent babies. We will insist on healthy homes for the people, so that the babies may live and thrive'.

Mothers, it could be done. It will be done when you have power and use your power to send to Parliament, men who will talk less about women stopping at home and do more to see that women have decent homes to stop in. For the sake of the babies demand Votes for Mothers.

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