Democracy on your Doorstep - the taster

The Democracy Taster: (who represents the liqueur)

So we have tasted our meal which may be summed up in the words - 'we beg to differ' or if we think of the French philosopher Voltaire: 'I disagree with everything you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it'.

That is the meaning of democracy. While there is democracy there will be disagreement. Where there are people there will be disagreement.

This may appear to be an elementary lesson in the principles of democracy - but, perhaps, today there is more need to restate them and to ensure that they are repeated again and again.

The roots of democracy will be found in local government, in the council chamber, in the work of the 50,000 men or women who are councillors, and who may live next door to you or me. Like you or me these men and women have, to varying degrees, the same faults, the same generosities, ambitions and desires - unlike many others they are playing a part in the community in shaping and helping to mould it for the future.

When one considers the different services - welfare, educational and social - that the local men administer, it can be seen how important it should be for everyone to take an interest in voting, in contributing their views and, if possible, in playing a more active part.

The more that citizens express their views in their community and vote at local elections, the more certain will councils be that they are truly reflecting the views of the community. For you can agree, or you can oppose. You can make your views felt. The opportunities are there.

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