A Vulgar Tongue

A Dictionary of Slang Words and Phrases

The Bibliography, at the end, shows that already in 1674, in a second edition of the Canting Academy, the author speaks of 'Old Words,' and such as are now most in use. This refutes the assertion of modern writers that Slang is an article of recent growth.

A Dictionary of Slang Words and Phrases

Collected in London from 1839 to 1859

The words marked * are from a volume entitled 'Poverty, Mendicity and Crime, or, the Facts, Examinations, &c upon which the Report was founded, presented to the House of Lords by W. A. Miles, Esq., to which is added a Dictionary of the Flash or Cant Language, known to every Thief and beggar. Edited by H. Brandon, esq. 1839.'

The words without a prefix were collected 1856-1857.

The words marked † are additions, collected 1858-1859.

Explanation of Abbreviations

C B. Calmet's Buildings, Oxford Street.
Gen. General.
Gp. Gipseys.
L. Life. Low life.
Pugil. Pugilistic.
Sc. Scottish.
Th. Thieves.

ALBONIZED, adj. Whitened. (Pugil.)
*ALDERMAN. half -a-crown.
AMPUTATE your mahogany or timber. Be off, be gone. (Gen.)
APPLE and PEARS. stairs. (Th.)
*ARMPITS.To put a fellow up to his arm-pits, to cheat a companion out of his share of plunder.
ARTFUL DODGER, n. Lodger. 'How many artful dodgers have you?' (Th.)

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