The living mythological mermaid




First Exhibited at the BRIGHTON AQUARIUM, February 10th 1886.


Submerged in a Glass Tank with Live Fish.


The wonderful Mermaid, which is sure to be the talk of London - Bells Life .

We may especially recommend to the notice of those who patronise the Palace the real live Mermaid, exhibited by Mr. Harry Phillips. There is no mistake this time, and we absolutely decline to credit the exhibitor, who is himself a Tyrolean and character vocalist and ventriloquist, when he tells us that it is all an illusion. We prefer to believe the other way. There, in a glass tank, with sticklebacks and a gudgeon for her companions, sits the lovely creature, very beautiful as to her head, with its lovely flowing hair, and very fishy as to her tail. She looks quite bewitching, and she smiles so graciously, that the spectator at once conjures up reminiscences of the sirens, and lingers long and admiringly upon the scene. All should see the real live Mermaid. - Era, April 24, 1886

The Aquarium has recently obtained a new attraction in the person of a good looking living Mermaid. The entirely novel illusion displays a lady in the recumbent attitude and apparently at ease in all the surroundings of an ordinary Aquarium. Fish are seen swimming, and all sides of the tank are open to the inspection of visitors. The illusion, which is cleverly contrived, is the invention of Mr. Harry Phillips, and is well worth gong to see. - Brighton Gazette, February 17th, 1886

Among the other attractions in the Exhibition, is that of a living Mermaid. It is located in the Conservatory. It is a combination of the real and the illusory on quite a novel plan, and will be found to well repay a visit. - The Brighton Guardian, February 17th, 1886.

A new illusion on an entirely original and novel principle, is styled a 'Living Mermaid', with sportive fish swimming about. As the tank stand on bare supports, and no part of it is surrounded by drapery, the illusion is very complete. - The Brighton Herald, February 20th, 1886.

Among the attractions of the Aquarium must be included Mr. Harry Phillips' clever optical illusion, the Living Mermaid, which deserves a high place in the list of such exhibitions. The supports of the tank are raised at an height of about 5 feet from the floor and open to the wall. The principle of the illusion is, we understand, an entirely new one, and the Living Mermaid, who made her first appearance at the Aquarium last week, has never previously been exhibited, so that the novelty should account for this curiosity being inspected by large numbers of visitors. - Sussex Evening News, Feb. 18th



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