Advert for Ovaltine

"We SLEEP well - LOOK well - and FEEL well!"

REGULAR, sound, restful sleep is the high road to radiant health and fitness and countless thousands of men, women, and children who drink 'Ovaltine' at bedtime are enjoying the best kind of sleep every night.

If you have reason to believe that your sleep is not as restful and beneficial as it should be, try the effect of a delicious cup of 'Ovaltine' to-night. 'Ovaltine' induces sleep in a perfectly natural way, for it is prepared only from Nature's best foods. See how it helps you to relax, soothes nerves and body, and invites sleep. See how refreshed and cheerful you are in the morning.

Your own experience will convince you that 'Ovaltine' is the one food beverage for every member of your family to foster sound sleep, to renew energy which children particularly use up so freely and to keep you all feeling and looking your best.

Be sure you ask for 'Ovaltine', Hot or Cold, at Cafes, Restaurants and Bathing Pools.

QUALITY has made 'OVALTINE' the world's most popular Food Beverage and the World's best Night-cap.


Delicious Hot or Cold

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