Women in the home B44

Women in the Home

Women, we are told, should stay in their homes. But they are not to be idle there! What ought they to be doing?

Looking after the children.
Seeing that they are properly fed.
Taking care of their health.
Cooking the husband's dinner.
Making the money go as far as it can.

All this is the 'woman's job'.

How will the vote help them?

By giving them a share in making the laws that govern all these things. Do you think the laws have nothing to do with women's homes and their children, and the price of food? Why, all these things are affected by laws! Look at

The Education Act.
The Poor-Law Acts.
The Insurance Act.
The Children's Charter.

These laws have to do with children, and with the trials of sickness and unemployment and poverty. In all these, the woman suffers first.

Then there is the question of Free Trade and Tariff Reform. That is a woman’s business, too, because she is the one who has to do the housekeeping. If the money doesn’t go as far as it used to, or if it comes in less plentifully, she will be the first to go short. A mother will always stint herself before her little ones.

But we are told we have the Municipal Vote, and we can do all we need with that, because it is by the Municipal Councils that the law is worked. But can we? Can we make a bad or a stupid law into a good one by using the Municipal Vote? Of course not!

You can do something by working a law as well as it can be worked; but if it is really unjust or stupid, your work will be mostly thrown away.

Women want to be consulted when the laws are made. And the way to give your opinion so that politicians will listen to it, is to vote.

Isnt it time the 'Women in the Home' voted on questions that concern the home, since she knows most about them?

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