Women's Freedom League


The Women's Freedom League.

Objects - To secure for Women the Parliamentary Vote as it is or may be granted to men; to use the power thus obtained to establish equality of rights and opportunities between the sexes, and thereby to promote the social and industrial well-being of the community.

Methods - The objects of the League shall be promoted by:

1. Action entirely independent of all political parties.

2. Opposition to whatever Government is in power until such time as the franchise is granted.

3. Participation in Parliamentary Elections; at Bye-elections in opposition to the Government candidate and independently of all other candidates.

4. Vigorous agitation upon lines justified by the position of outlawry to which women are at present condemned.

5. The organising of women all over the country to enable them to give adequate expression to their desire for political freedom.

6. Education of public opinion by all the usual methods, such as public meetings, demonstrations, debates, distribution of literature, newspaper correspondence, and deputations to public representatives and other bodies and their members.

Membership - Women of all shades of political opinion who approve the objects and methods of the League, and who are prepared to act independently of party, are eligible for membership. All members must approve, though they need not actually participate in militant action.

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