Song of Saltaire

Rear high thy towers and mansions fair,
Thou gem of towns - renowned Saltaire;
Long may thy graceful spires arise
In beauty, pointing to the skies, -
For labour dwells ennobled here,
Our homes to bless, our hearts to cheer.
From morn to eve the sun, I ween,
Shines not upon a sweeter scene.

Then shall thy sires rest free from cares,
The heritage of virtue theirs;
Thy youths and maidens too shall prove
The bliss which flows from constant love.
In all thy pleasant streets each day
Thy children shall in hundreds play,
Or chant in song their hopes and fears,
As time unrolls the coming years.

Honours be thine, whose active mind
This earthly paradise designed,
For doubtful conquests kings may war,
Thine is a nobler conquest far.
As rivers soon return in rain,
So, good deeds shall come back again;
And thou shalt know within thy breast, -
Who blesses, shall himself be blest.

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