Electors of Bath

To the Electors of Bath


A large and enthusiastic assembly of the Electors of my Native City have this evening invited me to renew our former political connexion, and to represent your views and interests in the coming Parliament.

In accepting so flattering an invitation, I beg to express my sincere thanks to you for the cordial and hearty greeting with which you welcomed me on my return among you.

I need not here enter on a detailed statement of my political views, they are recorded in the votes which I gave on almost all the subjects which now occupy the public mind, when representing you in the Parliament of 1852. I then, as now, deemed it essential that political rights should be freely and liberally extended to many of those now deprived of them; and that the franchise should be protected by the Ballot.

That the Executive Government should possess the entire confidence of the Commons House of Parliament, and that no Ministry, under the specious guise of pretended progress, should pursue a policy of reaction.

That education should be promoted, peace preserved, and the national defences efficiently maintained, with a due regard to economy.

I shall have frequent opportunities of stating my views to you in detail, and shall be proud indeed if, by the united efforts of the Liberal Party, I am restored to my former position of Representative of your Views and Local Interests in the

Commons House of Parliament.

I am, Fellow Citizens.

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