The Art of Cookery - To the Reader

I have indeed given some of my Dishes French Names to distinguish them, because they are known by those Names: And where there is a greater Variety of Dishes and a large Table to to cover, so there must be a large Variety of Names for them; and it matters not whether they be call'd by a French, Dutch or English name, so they are good, and done with as little Expense as the Dish will allow of.


Nor shall I take it upon me to direct a Lady how to set out her Table; for that would be impertinent, and lessening her Judgement in the Oeconomy of her Family. I hope she will here find every Thing necessary for her Cook, and her own Judgement will tell her how they are to be placed. Nor indeed do I think it would be pretty, to set a Lady's Table set out after the Directions of a book.


I shall say no more, only hope my Book will answer the Ends I intend it for; which is to improve the Servants, and save the Ladies a great deal of Trouble.





The Right Hon. the Lady Arundel

Mrs Allgood

Mrs. Adams

Mrs. Atwood

Mrs. Armorer

Mrs. Ayliffe

Miss Ayliffe

Mrs. Aldridge

Dr. Anderson

Mr. Anderson

Capt. Ash




Lady Hiriatia Beard

Mrs. Butler

Mrs. Bedford, Broad-street-hill

Mrs Bedford, Chancery Lane

Mrs. Bury,Norfolk Street

Mrs. Bury,Peckham

Miss Amy Bury

Mrs. Beaves

Mrs. Beaumont

Mrs. Bond

Mrs. Beach

Miss Anne Blount

Mrs. Biffon

Miss Blake

Mrs. Burdett

Mrs. Baker

Mrs. Blake

Mrs. Byerley

Mrs. Birbeach

Mrs. Bedford

Mrs. Berrysford

Mrs. Bertie

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