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RESPECTFULLY invite attention to the following RICH SAUCES and CONDIMENTS, which with the various other delicacies they have for many years enjoyed so high a preference for, can be obtained of most respectable Sauce Vendors and Italian Warehousemen in the United Kingdom, and at the principal Stores throughout the world.


Royal Table Sauce. - A new sauce, of a peculiarly delicious and piquant flavour, first introduced in 1847. It has received universal commendation from the best judges, and is in very general use at the tables of the nobility, and the principal clubs. To those who prefer a rich warm sauce, it may be confidently recomended as the best sauce ever produced. Sold in bottles, at 1s.6d. and 2s 6d. each; and in handsome China vases, to be placed on the table, at 3s. each.


Soho Sauce. - The flattering reception this Sauce has met with from the most distinguished epicures, warrants the proprietors in recomending it as the best of its kind extant. It is composed of a variety of ingredients, which are all so thoroughly amalgamated that, while its piquancy is extraordinary, no deciding flavour can be said to predominate. For fish, game, steaks, and made dishes, this is a most desirable sauce.


Esseance of anchovies. - To produce this well known and justly esteemed sauce, C. and B. use none but the finest picked Gorgona Anchovies, of which they annually import large supplies for this express purpose. It is necessary to state this, as the fact is notorious that much of the sauce vended under this name is made from Sardines, and an inferior description of Sicilian fish, against which purchasers cannot be too strictly on their guard.


Dinmore's Essence of Shrimps. - This Sauce is used for the same purpose as the Essence of Anchovies, but being considerably milder, is preferred by many. It is prepared by C. and B. at their special factory on the sea-coast, and the true flavour of the shrimp being retained, the Sauce is rendered most delicious. It is an excellent relish with boiled and fried fish of every description.


Sir Robert Peel's Sauce, FOR GENERAL PURPOSES.- Each bottle is labelled with a fac-simile of the Right Honourable Baronet's letter of approval.


Strasbourg Potted Meats. - This delicious preperation far surpasses every description of Potted Meat yet introduced to public notice; the flavour is full and rich, at the same time being so mild and bland that the most delicate and fastidious palate is pleased. It is also very easy of digestion, and adapted to weak stomachs.


Calves' Feet Jellies. - Consisting of Orange, Lemon, Noyau, Punch, Madiera, and Calf's Foot. These are sold in convenient sized bottles, and their use is attended with a great saving of trouble and inconvenience; besides which, they ensure the certainty of the Jelly always being of uniform excellence and flavour. They are now in almost daily consumption in many families, and are very highly approved.


Pickles OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS.- The superiority of these is too well known and appreciated to need any remark.


FruitsIN BOTTLES. - Preserved pure for Tarts: available when fresh fruits are not in season.


Syrups of various kinds for flavouring ices; or which, if diluted with iced or spring water, produce a cool and refreshing beverage.


C. and B. are also agents for the following, made by Monsieur SOYER:-

'Soyer's Aromatic Mustard.' - A most exquisite combination of the genuine Mustard seed with various aromatic substances; infinitely superior to all other preparations of Mustard.


Soyer's New Sauces.- One of a mild description for the ladies, and yet another of the same flavour, but warmer, for gentlemen.


Soyer's Relish. - With reference to this sauce, the observer remarks:-

'M. Soyer is a culinary artist as profound as he is versatile; nothing comes amiss to him. No foreign cuisinier ever tickled the Saxon palate so successfully. He is a great man; and the ill-cooked mutton chops that lost Napoleon the battle of Leipsic, would have produced a very different effect if Soyer had dished them up in his Magic Stove, and rendered them thoroughly light and digestible by his appetizing Relish.'


C. and B. consider it important to state, that the whole of their manufacures are prepared withe utmost scrupulous attention to cleanliness and purity. The utmost precaution is taken in every instance to prevent contact with copper, or any other pernicious metal; and to this end, they have at great expense fitted their factory at Soho Square with a number of Earthenware Steam-pans, and in addition have alarge Silver pan made, in which to prepare the most delicate of their productions.




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