Potage Dyvers - Capons and Meatballs

Capoun in Salome.


Take a Capoun & skalde hym, Roste hym, þen take þikke Almaunde mylke, temper it wyth wyne Whyte oþer Red, take a lytyl Saunderys & a lytyl Safroun, & make it a marbyl coloure, & so atte þe dressoure þrow on hym in ye kychoun, & þrow þe Mylke a-boue, & þat is most commelyche, & serue forth.




Take Beef, Porke, or Vele, on of hem, & raw, alle to choppe it atte þe dressoure. þan grynd hem in a morter as smal as þou may. þan caste þer to Raw jolkys of Eyroun wyn an a lytil whyte [...] caste also þer to pouder pepyr & Macys Clowes Quybibys pouder Canelle Synamoun & Salt & a lytil Safroun. þen take & make smale Pelettys round ynow. & loke þat þou haue a fayre potte of Freysshe broþe of bef or of Capoun, & euer þrow hem þer-on & lete hem sethe tyl þat þey ben y-now. þen take & draw vppe a þryfty mylke of Almaundys with cold freysshe broþe of Bef, Vele, Moton, oþer Capoun. & a-lye it with floure of Rys & with Spycerye. & atte þe dressoure ley þes pelettys in a dysshe. & þen pore þin sewe aneward, & serue in, or ellys make a gode þryfty Syryppe & ley þin pelettys atte þe dressoure þer on, & þat is gode seruyse.




Capon in Salome (ragout)


Take a capon and skald it, and roast it. Then take thick almond milk, mix it with white wine or red. Take a little sandalwood and a little saffron, and make it marble coloured, and cover with this at your kitchen dresser. Sprinkle with milk so that it is most comely, and serve forth.




Take beef, pork or veal – one of them – and raw. Chop it up at the dresser, then grind it in a mortar as small as you can. Then add raw yolks of eggs, wine, and a little white sugar. Also add powdered pepper, mace, cloves, cubeb [a pungent Indonesian spice], canella [an inferior form of cinnamon], cinnamon, and salt, and a little saffron. Then make it into small pellets, round enough. Make sure you have a good pot of fresh broth of beef or capon, and ladle it on and let it boil till they are done enough. Then take good milk of almonds, with cold fresh broth of beef, veal, mutton or capon, and mix it with rice flour and with the spices. And at the dresser, put the pellets in a dish, and then pour on the sauce, and serve. Or else make a good syrup and lay the pellets on top at the dresser, and that is good service.


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