Soteltes and Wortes

The thirde course.

Creme Vine.

Gely departed.


Chekenos boiled.

Melons ppull.

Plouer rosted.




Quales. Dew Doues.

Blanke singuler leche.

Frutoure Rasyn.

Quynes bakyn.

A sotelte. A godhede in a son of gold glorified aboue; in the son the holy goste voluptable. Seint Thomas kneling a-for him, with the poynt of a swerd in his hede, and a Mitre there-vppon crownyng S.T. in dextera parte, maria tenens mitran; in sinistra parte, Johannes Baptista; et in iiij. partibus, iiij. Angli incensantes.


Take Colys, and stripe hem faire fro the stalkes. Take Betus and Borage, auens, Violette, Malvis, parsle, betayn, pacience, the white of the lekes, and the croppe of the netle. parboile, presse out the water. hew hem small, And do there-to mele. take goode broth of ffressh beef, or other goode flessh and mary bones; do it in a potte, set on the fire. choppe the hare in pieces, And, if thou wil, wassh hir in the same broth, and then drawe it thorgh A streynour with the blode, And then put all on the fire. And if she be an olde hare, let hire boile well, or thou cast in thi wortes. if she be yonge, cast in all togidre at ones; and lete hem boyle til thei be ynogh, and ceson hem with salt. And serue hem forth. The same wise thou may make wortes of a Gose of a night powdryng, of beef, or eny other fressh flessh.




Take cabbages, and strip them faire from the stalks. Take Beets and Borage, avens, Violet, Mallows, parsley, betony, patience, the white of leeks, and the young heads of nettles. Parboil, press out the water, chop them small, and mix. Take good broth of fresh beef, or other good flesh and marrow bones. Put it in a pot and set on the fire. Chop the hare in pieces, and if you wish, wash it in the same broth, and then draw it through a strainer with the blood, and then put all on the fire. And if it is an old hare, let it boil well, before you throw in the herbs; if it is young, throw in all the ingredients together. Let them boil til they are done, and season them with salt. And serve them forth. In the same way you may make wortes of a Goose of a night powdryng (salting), of beef, or any other fresh flesh.

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