The Good Huswifes Jewell - Serving Courses

The order howe all maner of meates should be served to the table, with their proper sawces both for flesh and fish.

For flesh daies at dinner.


The first course.

Pottake or stewed broth, Boyled meate or stewed meat, Chickens and Bacon, Powdered Beefe, Pies scofe, Pigge, rosted Beefe, Rosted veale, Custard.


The second course

Roasted Lambe, roasted Capons, Rosted Conies, Chickens, Pehennes, Baked Venison, Lart.


The first course at Supper

A Sallet, a Pigs Petitoe, powdered Beefe sliced, a shoulder of Mutton or a breast, Veale, Lambe, Custard.


The Second course.

Capons roasted, Connies roasted, Chickens roasted, Pigions roasted, Larks roasted, a Pie of

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