The Good Huswifes Jewell - Aristocrats Lard

laid upon a peverell or cover to save the mere sauce that commeth from it: then seethe the brine, and lay in your Beefe againe, see the brine be colde so let it lye two dayes and one night: then take it out, and lay it again on a hurdel two or three dayes. Then wype it everie peece with linnen cloth, dry them and couch it with salt, a laying of Beef and another of salt: and ye must lay a stick crosse each way, so that the brine may run from the salt.


How to keep Lard after my Lord Ferries way

Scald your hogge, and even as you dresse your Bacon hogge, so dresse this: then lay it in salt, the space of three weekes or a moneth. Then take it up, and let it hang ther as in maner is no smoke: but when ye thinke it wareth moyst, let it be hanged so lowe that the heate of the fire may come to it: or els put it in an Oven when the breade is drawne out, and when ye thinke it be wel dried, take it out againe til it ware moyst again, and so ye shal keepe it wel enough three quarters of a yeare, and never take the leane from the fat but as ye occupie it.


How to keepe Larde after my Lady Westone Brownes way

Flea the fat Lard form the flesh, and put in bay salt, ye must cast a good deale uppon it, and even so salt it, and roule it together round, and so put it in a heap of salt, and when ye will occupie any of it, cut of it as yee need, and lay it in water, and so ye may keepe it as long as ye will.


The keeping of Lard after my Lady Marquesse Dorsets way.

Take a fat hog and salt him, and when he is through cold, quarter him, and take all the bones and the flesh from the fat: and then take the fat of the said hog, and couch it in fayre dry white salt, and so keepe it two or three dayes then change it again into faire drie white salt, everie thirde or fourth day, and at the fourteen daies end, take faire cold water and white salt and make a verie strong brine, so that your brine be made so strong that it will beare an egge almost cleane above the brine, and put it in a faire close vessell: then take the said lard and lay it in the said brine, so that the brine cover it over: so change it into new brine everie fourteen Daies, for the space of five weeks, and after that it needeth not to be changed. But the brine may not be made of wel water.

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