The Good Huswifes Jewell - Custard and Apple Tart

enough, and season it with salt, Sugar, cloves, mace, and saffron, and so cover it, and let it be set upon a chafing dish or pot of seething water, and when it is well hardned, cast on it minced Dates and small Raisons, and so let it boyle till ye think it be wel hardned: and then serve them foorth. &c.


How to make a Custard in Lent.

Take the milt of any maner of fresh fish, and a little of the milt of a white Hering, and a quantitie of blanched almonds, and crums of bread, and mingle al these together: and a litle Water and Sugar, and a quantitie of Rose water, and mingle that together: season it as ye would do another custard with al manner of spices. Then mingle ther with Raisons corrans, and Dates, cut in peeces, and so bake it in a platter or paste, whether ye will, the space of halfe an houre, and so serve it in.


Another way to make a Custard in Lent.

Take blanched almonds and brey them smal put crummes of white bread in the braying of the almonds. Then let a Pike be sodden, or fat Eels, that ye may have the best of the broth, and put that in the bottom of your platter, put in also minced dates a corrans. Then strain your almonds with the water sodden with sugar, Then season it with sugar, saffron, cloves and Mace: then put in all the stuffe in the platter, and so boyle it uppon a chafing dish a good while: see the platter be not covered, for if it be the Custard will never ware hard: when ye serve it forth, cast Sugar on it. and if your dates and corrans be sodden in the fish broth afore ye put them in the platter, they wil be the better, put to a litle salt in the making, &c.


To make a tarte of apples and Orenge pilles

Take you orenges, and lay them in water a day and a night, then seeth them in faire water and hony, and let them seeth till they be soft: then let them soak in the sirrop a day and a night: then take them forth and cut them small, and then make your tart and season your Apples with Sugar, Synamon and Ginger, and put in a piece of butter, and lay a course of apples, a course of Orenges, and so course by course, and season your Orenges as you seasoned your Apples, with somewhat more sugar, then lay on the lid and put in the oven, and when it is almost baked, take Rosewater and Sugar, and boyle them together till it be somewhat thick, then take out the Tart, and take a feather and spread the rosewater and Sugar on the lid, and set it into the Oven

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