The Widdowes Treasure - Beard Growth & Marmalade

dissolve it in a morter with a pestell, with halfe the yolke of an egge, put thereto three onces of smalledge water, beate them together til it be like milk, and sup it up, but first wash your Turpentine in fenel water.


To make the haire of the bearde to grow.

Take cane rootes, Briony roots, Beetes, Radish, flower de Luce, Onions, of each a like the quantity of foure onces, five fatte figs brused and stamped very small, maiden haire, sothernwood, dill, of each a hanfull sœthe all these in good Wine, thé wring out the liquor and straine it through a stainer, then put to it fresh butter never salted, pure Honie two onces, Oyle of Almondes sweete and sower, Olye of Selania on once, Orimell squillick, halfe an once, the pouder of meale, nigella, fenegreeke well sifted and throughlie boulted in a Boulter, one handfull of Grasse Labeanum on once, set there upon the fire and stirre them well till it be thicke. This Linament being applyed to the Chin and Cheekes, wil become haire: the body first purged from al filth inwardly, proved by experience.


Marmalade of Quinces

Take your Quinces and coare them, and pare them: then put to them so much water as shall suffice to boyle them so tender that they may be drained, when they be sodden, put out asmuch of the Liquor as you leave when that you have sufficient to straine it, and let it stand untill the next day morning, then measure with a pound dishe how many pounds of substaunce you have: then take to every eight pound of Quinces five pounde of Sugar: then put it to the lyquour that you kept before that your Quinces were first sodden in and then sette it on the fire and let it seethe a while: and clarifie it with whyte of Egges then straine the saide lyquour, and put it to the substaunce of the Quinces afore saide: and so set it on the fire, and let it boyle untill it have a faire colour, that it may cut at the sides of a dishe then put it into boxes. If you will put in any muske, take Rose water in a Saucer, and put in your muske and when you have taken your Marmelade from the fire: immediatly put in the same Rose water and Muske, and stirre it togeather and bore it.

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