The Widdowes Treasure - Lice and Drunkenness

Houseleeke, two dragmes of Mirtle, and as much of Lead burned, one dragme of Camphire, halfe a dragm of red Rose leaves, as much red currall, and according to art make all these an ointment in a morter of Lead.


For an Ague

Take a handfull of Hartes horne that groweth in the feelde, and a handfull of baye salte, and lay it to your wristes.


For the Tooth-ache

Take Betonye, Sage, and Allome, seethe them in Vinegar, and let it lye in your Tooth.


To keepe Venison fresh a long time.

Presse out the blood cleare, and put it into an earthen pot, and fill it with clarified Honie two fingers above the fleshe, and binde a leather close about the mouth that no ayre enter.


To keep it from rotting after it is new Slaine.

Cover it close from the Sunne or Ayre with fearne, and lay it in a cold place, then wash it cleane, and let it lye in Water halfe a day, and then lay it on the floore to drie, then set the water and Salt together, and let it coole till it be leuke warme, and then wash the Venison therein, and let it lye in that pipkin three daies and three nights, then take it out and powder it with drie salt, and barrell it and stop it fast.


To keep Peares

Put them in a vessell that they touch not each other, and make a bed of Peares, and an other of fine white Salte, and cover them close.


To kill lyce

Make a fier and put quicksilver therein, and hang the clothes over it in the smoake, and no vermin will come in them.


Against drunkennes.

Drinke the juice of Barowe salting, or els the marrow of Porke salting.


To make Linnen cloth or Yarne white.

Take a Herring barrill, and fill it full of ale dregges, and stoppe it fast, but firste you must have a good dishe full of parched Beanes, and put them in a Linnen bagge, and

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