Jelly and Custard

other fishe except Eeles, fresh Salmon, Conger, whiche bee never fried, but baken, broyled, rosted, or sodden,


To make a Custard.

A Custarde the coffin must be firste hardened in the oven, and then take a quarte of Creame, and fyve or six yolkes of egges, and beat them well together: and put them into the creame, and put in the sugar and small raysins and dates, and put into the Coffin butter, or els marrow, but on the fishe dayes put in butter.

Hereafter followeth a new Booke of Cokery


To make cleare Jeally

Take two calves feete and a shoulder of Veale, and set it upon the fyre in a fayre pot with a gallon of water, and a galon of claret wine, then let it boyle tyl it be Jelly, and then take it up, and straine it, and put thereto Cinnamon, ginger and suger, and a litle turnesole to colour it after your discretion


To make a dishefull of Snow.

Take a pottel of sweete thick creame and the white of viii. egges, and beate them altogether with a spone, then put them in your creame, and a saucer full of rose water, and a dishe full of suger withall, then take a stycke and make it cleane, and then cutte it in the ende foure square, and therwith beat all the aforesaide things together, and ever as it riseth, take it of, and put it into a Collander, this done, take an apple and set it in the middes of it, and a thicke bush of Rosmary, and set it in the middes of the platter, then cast your snowe upon the Rosemarye, and fyll your platter therwith. And if you have wafers, cast some in withall, and thus serve them forth.


To fry Beanes.

Take your beanes and boyle them, and put them into a frying pan with a dish of butter, and one or two oynions, and so let them frye till they be browne altogether, then cast a litle salt upon them, and then serve them forth.

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