The Accomplisht Cook - Frontispiece and Title Page

What wouldst thou view but in one face

all hospitalitie, the race

of those that for the Gusto stand,

whose tables a whole Ark comand

of Natures plentie wouldst thou see

this fight, peruse Mays booke, tis hee


The Accomplisht Cook or the ART and MYSTERY OF COOKERY


Wherein the whole ART is revealed in a more easie and perfect Method, than hath been publisht in any Language.

Expert and ready Wayes for the Dressing of all Sorts of FLESH, FOWL, and FISH, with variety of SAUCES proper for each of them, and how to raise all manner of Pastes; the best Directions for all sorts of Kickshaws; also the Tearms of CARVING and SEWING.


An exact Account of all Dishes for all Seasons of the Year, with other A la mode Curiosities.


The Third Edition, with large Additions throughout the whole Work; besides two hundred Figures of several Forms for all manner of bake’t Meates (either Flesh or Fish) as Pyes, Tarts, Custards, Cheesecakes, and Florentines, placed in Tables, and directed to the Pages they appertain to.


Approved by the fifty five Years Experience and Industry of ROBERT MAY, in his Attendance on several Persons of great Honour.


LONDON, Printed for N. Brooke, and are to be sold by The Archer at his ship under the Dayl of St., Dunstans Church in Fleet Street 1671.

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