The Accomplisht Cook - Cheesecakes

spoonfuls of grated bread, with half a pound of almonds beat small, a little cream, and some currans; then make the paste for them of flour, sugar, cream, and butter, bake them in a milde oven; a quarter of an hour will bake them.


Cheesecakes otherwayes.

For the paste take a pottle of flour, half a pound of butter and the white of an egg, work it well in the flour with the butter, then put a little cold water to it, and work it up stiff; then take a pottle of cream, half a pound of sugar, and a pound of currans boild before you put them in, a whole nutmeg grated, and a little pepper fine beaten, boil these gently, and stir it continually with twenty eggs well beaten amongst the cream, being boild and cold, fill the cheesecakes.


To make Cheesecakes otherwayes.

Take eighteen eggs, and beat them very well, beat some flour amongst them to make them pretty thick; then have a pottle of cream and boil it, being boiled put in your eggs, flour, and half a pund of butter, some cinamon salt, boild currans, and sugar, set them over the fire, and boil it pretty thick, being cold fill them and bake them, make the crust as before said.


To make Cheesecakes in the Italian fashion.

Take four pound of good fat Holland cheese, and six pound of good fresh cheese curd of a morning milk cheese or better, beat them in a stone or wooden mortar, then put sugar to them, and two pound of well washed currans, twelve eggs, whites and all, being first well beaten, a pound of sugar, some cream, half an ounce of cinamon, a quarter of an ounce of mace, and a little saffron, mix them well together, and fill you talmouse or cheesecakes pasty-ways in good cold butter-paste; sometimes use beaten almonds amongst it, and some pistaches whole; being baked, ice them with yolks of eggs, rose-water, asn sugar, cast on red and white biskets, and serve them up hot.


Cheesecakes in the Italian fashion otherways.

Take a pound of pistaches stamped with two pound of morning milk cheese curd fresh made, three ounces of elder-flowers, ten eggs, a pound of sugar, a pound of butter, and a pottle of lour, strain these in a course strainer, and put them in short or puff-paste.


To make Cheesecakes otherways.

Take a good morning milk cheese, or better, of some tight pound weight, stamp it in a mortar, and beat a pound of butter amongst it, and a pound of sugar, then mix with it beaten mace, two pound of currans well picked and washed, a penny manchet grated, or a pound of almonds blanched and beaten fine with rose-water, and some salt then boil some cream, and thicken it with six or eight yolks of eggs, mixed with the other things, work them well together, and fill the cheesecakes, make the curd not to soft, and make the paste of cold butter and water according to these forms.

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