The Queens Closet Opened - Royal Plagues

The Pearle of Practice. Choice


A very good Glister for the Winde.

Take Mallow leaves, Cammomile, Mercury, Pelitory of the Wall, Mugwort, and Pennyroyal, Mugwort, and Pennyroyal, of each a small handful, Melilot, and Cammomile flowers, of each half a handful, of the seeds of Annise, Caroway, Cummin and Fennel, of each one quarter of an ounce, Barberries, and Juniper berries of each three drams; boyl all these in three pints of clear posset ale to twelve ounces, and use it warm.


The Kings Medicine for the Plague.

Take a little handful of Herb-grace, as much of Sage, the like quantity of Elder leaves, as much of red Bramble leaves, stamp them altogether, and strain them through a fair linnen cloth, with a quart of white Wine, and a quantity of white Ginger and mingle all together; after the first day you shall be safe four and twenty dayes: after the ninth day a whole year by the grace of God; and if it fortune that one be strucken with the Plague before he hath drunk the Medicine, then take the aforesaid with a spoonful of Scabiosa, and a spoonful of Betony water, and a quantity of fine Treacle, and put them together, and cause the Patient to drink it, and it will put out all Venome: and if it fortune that the botch appear, take the leaves of red Brambles, Elder leaves, and mustard seed, stamp them together, and make a Plaister thereof, and lay it to the fore, and it will draw out all the Venom, and the person shall be whole by the grace of God.


A Medicine for the Plague that the Lord Mayor had from the Queen.

Take of Sage, Elder, and red Bramble leaves, of each one little handful; stamp and strain them together through a cloth with a quart of white Wine, then take a quantity of white Wine Vinegar, and mingle all these together; and drink thereof morning and night a spoonful at a time nine dayes together, and you shall be whole. There is no Medicine more excellent than this, when the sore doth appear, then to take a Cock Chick and pull it; and let the Rump be bare, and hold the Rump of the said Chick to the sore, and it will gape and labour for life, and in the end dye; then take

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