The Queens Closet Opened - Prestigious Medicines

The Pearle of Practice. Choice


in a Kettle of warm water to infuse forty eight hours, till the vertue of the ingredients be all drawn out, then press it out hard, and put to every pint of the liquor one pound and three quarters of powder Sugar, boyl and scum it till you find the syrup thick enough; when it is cold bottle it, and keep it for your use. Take two spoonfuls in a morning, and so much in the afternoon, fasting two hours after it.


A Medicine for a Dropsie approved by the Lady Hobby, who was cured herself by it.

Take Carawayes, Smallage, Time, Hysop, Watercresses, Pennyroyal, Nettle tops, Calamint, Elecampane-roots, of each one a little handful, Horse radish two pounds, boyl them in six quarts of running water, untill half be consumed; then strain it, boyl it anew with a pottle of Canary Sack, Liquorish twelve ounces, sweet Fennel-seed one ounce bruised, and a quarter of an ounce of Cumin-seed bruised; boyl all these above half an hour, then strain it, and keep it for your use, nine spoonfuls in the morning fasting, and as much at three or four a clock in the afternoon, use it for some time together. This the Lady Hobby proved by her self.


Dr. Adrian Gilberts most Sovereign Cordial water.

Take Spearmint, Broom-mint, Mother of Time, the Blossome tops of Garden Time, red Pennyroyal, Scabious, Celandine, Wood Sorrel, Wood Betony, Angelica leaves and stalkes, set Wall leaves, Peony leaves, Egrimony, Tormentil, sweet Marjoram, red Sage, Rue, Rossolis, Angelica roots, Elecampany roots, set Wall roots, green l’eniroyal, Comfrey blossoms and leaves, Juniper berries, of each a pound; Balm, Carduus Benedictus, Dragon, Feaverfew, Wormwood, of each two pounds; steep all these in the lees of strong pure venient Claret Wine for nine dayes, every day twice turning them to mingle them well in the Lees, then distill them in a Limbeck with a red clear head, with two pound of shaved Harts horn, and Ivory twelve ounces; draw as long of it as you may in several pottle glasses: the first is accounted the best and uncompounded, and the perfectest against the Plague, spotted Feavers, and small Pocks, ordinary Feavers, divers times

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