The Queens Closet Opened - Cakes for a Princess

most as hot for manchet, half an hour will bake them.


To make a Cake the way of the Royal Princess, the Lady Elizabeth, daughter to King CHARLES the first.

Take half a peck of Flower, half a pint of Rose-water, a pint of Ale-yeast, a pint of Cream, boil it, a pound and an half of Butter, six Eggs, (leave out the whites) four pound of Currans, one half of Sugar, one Nutmeg, and a little Salt, work it very well, and let it stand half an hour by the fire, and then work it again, and then make it up, and let it stand an hour and a half, in the Oven; let not your Oven be too hot.


To make Paste of Apricocks.

Take your Apricocks, and pare them, and stone them, then boil them tender betwixt two dishes on a Chafing-dish of coals; then being cold, lay it forth on a white sheet of paper; then take as much Sugar as it doth weigh, and boil it to a Candy height, with as much Rose-water and fair water as will melt the Sugar; then put the Pulp into the Sugar, and so let it boil till it be as thick as for marmalet, now an then stirring of it; then fashion it upon a pye-plate like to half Apricocks, and the next day close the half Apricocks to the other, and when they are dry, they will be as clear as Amber, and eat much better then Apricocks it self.


To make Paste of Pippins like leaves, and some like Plums, with their Stones and Stalks in them.

Take Pippins pared and coared, and cut in pieces, and boiled tender, so strain them, and take as much Sugar as the Pulp doth weigh, and boil it to a Candy height with as much Rose-water and fair water as will melt it, then put the pulp into the hot sugar, and let it boil until it be as thick as Marmalet; then fashion it on a Pye-plate, like Oaken leaves, and some like half Plums, the next day close the half Plums together; and if you please you may put the stones and stalks in them, and dry them in an Oven, and if you will have them

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