The Queens Closet Opened - A Quaking Pudding

Sugar, but very little flower, for it will make it sad and heavy; make a piece of puff paste as much as will cover your dish, so cut it very handesomely what fashion you please; butter the bottom of your dish, put the pudding into the dish, set it in a quick oven, not too hot as to burn it, let it bake till you think it be enough, scrape on sugar, and serve it up.


To boil Cream with French Barley.

Take the third part of a pound of French Barley, wash it well with fair water, and let it lie all night in fair water, in the morning set two skillets on the fire with fair water, and in one of them put your Barly, and let it boil till the water look red, then put the water from it, and put the Barley into the other warme water, thus boil it and change it with fresh warm water till it boil white, then strain the water clean from it then take a quart of Cream, put into it a nutmeg or tow quartered, a little large mace and some sugar, and let it boil together a quarter of an hour, and when it hath thus boiled, put into it the yolks of three or four Eggs, well beaten with a little Rose-water, then dish it forth, and eat it cold.


To make Cheese-Cakes.

Take three Eggs and beat them very well, and as you beat them, put to them as much fine flower as will make them thick, then put to them three or four Eggs more, and beat them altogether; then take one quart of Cream, and put into it a quarter of a pound of Sweet Butter, and set them over the fire, and when it begins to boyl, put to it your Eggs and flower, stir it very well and let it boyl till it be thick, then season it with Salt, Cinnamon, Sugar and Currans and bake it.


To make a Quaking Pudding.

Take a pint and somewhat more of thick Cream, ten Eggs, put the whites of three, beat them very well with two spoonfuls of Rose-water: mingle with your Cream three spoonfuls of fine flower: mingle it so well, that there be no lumps in it, put it altogether, and season it according to your Tast: Butter a Cloth very well, and let it be thick that it may not run out, and let it boyl for half

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