The Queen-like Closet - Bills of Fare

The Ladies Cabinet


The Second Course to the Same.

1.A Dish of Eels Spitchcockt.

2. a Chine of Salmon Broiled.

3.a Dish of Oisters fried.

4. an Apple pie buttered.

5. a Dish of fried Smelts.

6. a Dish of buttered Shrimps.

7. a Dish of Skirrets fried.

8. Two Lobsters in a Dish.

9. a Dish of pickled Oisters.

10. a Dish of Anchovies.


When all these are taken away, then serve in your Cheeses of all sorts, and also your Creams and Jellies, and Sweet-meats after them if they be required.

Thus I have done with the Bills of Fare in Great Houses, although it be impossible to name half which are in season for one Meal; but this will serve you for the number of dishes, and any Person who is ingenious, may leave out some, and put in other at pleasure.


A Bill of Fare for Gentlemens Houses of Lesser Quality, by which you may also know how to order any Family beneath another, which is very requisite.


The first Course in Summer Season.

1. A Boiled Pike or Carp stewed.

2. a very fine Pudding boiled.

3. a Chine of Veal, and another of mutton.

4. a Calves head Pie.

5. a Leg of mutton rosted whole.

6. a Couple of Capons, or a Pig, or a piece of rost Beef, or boiled Beef.

7. a Sallad, the best in season.

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