Countrey Contentments - Title page


OR The English Housewife,


The inward and outward vertues which ought to be in a compleate woman.


As her skill in Physicke, surgerie, extraction of oiles, banqueting-stuffe, ordering of great feasts, preserving of all sorts of wines, conceiting secrets, distillations, perfumes, ordering of wool, hempe, flax, making cloth, dying, the knowledge of dairies, office of malting, oats, their excellent uses in a family, brewing, baking, and all other things belonging to a household.


A work generally approved, and now augmented, purged and made most profitable and necessarie for all men, and dedicated to the Honour of the Noble House of Exceter, and the generall good of this Kingdom.


By G.M.


Printed at London, by I.B. for R.Lackson, and to be sold at his shop neare Fleete-Streete Conduit. 1627.

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