The inward vertues of the Huswife.

Her garments

Her diet and generall vertues, at first in Physicke.

Fevers and their kinds.

To make one sweate.

A preservative against the Plague.

To draw a Plague botch to any place

A Cordiall against infection

Against Sweating

For the Headach

For the frenzie

For the Lethargie

To provoke sleepe

for swimming of the head

For the Palsey

For all Colds or Coughes

For the falling sicknesse

To helpe hearing

For the Rhume

For a stinking breath

For the toothach

For all sore eyes

For a Canker

For swelling in the mouth.

For the Quincey or Squinacie

For Drunkennesse

For the Kings Enill

To stanch bleeding

To draw out Bones

For falling of the mold of the head

For stinking nostrels, and of the nose

To make haire grow

For a pimpled fancie face

For her fenesse inthe throte

For griefe in the Stomake

For Spitting blood

To stay vomiting

To cause vomiting

For the Ilsea-passie

For paine in the brest

For the Mother

For obstructions in the Liver

Against heate in the Liver

For any Plurasie

For any Stich

For a Consumption

For the yellow Jandise

For the black Jandise

For a Ring-worme

For the Dropsie

For paine in the Spleene

For paine in the side

For fatnesse in the Heart

For the Wind-cholick

For a Laske or looseness



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