The Queens Royal Cookery - Preface



A PREFACE might seem unnecessary to recommend this small, but useful Treatise, to the World, since the Title were sufficient to do that of itself: But in regard it has a singular Advantage over most BOOKS of this kind, we think fit to say soemthing in its Behalf. First, it is not stuff'd with superfluous Trifles, as most of its Nature are; or with old and antiquated Receipts; but with Things wholly new and useful, which are daily in the Practice of every Nobleman's and Gentleman's Kitchen, as well as Taverns, Eating-Houses, and other Places; it is even instructive to Servants, in dressing the least Joint of Meat: And not only the Receipts are New and Useful, but the Expressing of them is easie and instructive, that those who have to read it, may go readily about the Thing, as tho' they had actually seen it done before their Eyes, which has so much been wanting in other  BOOKS of this kind, that for want of Time, Quantity &c. being duely and plainly express'd have prov'd of little Service to the Reader.


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