The Art of Cookery - How to Keep Clear from Bugs

ney, and over the Doors of the Room, set open all Closets and Cupboard Doors, all your Drawers, and Boxes, hang the rest of your Bedding on the Chair backs, lay the Feather bed on a Table, then set a large broad Earthen pan in the Middle of the Room, and in that set a Chaffindish, that stands on Feet, full of Charcoal well lighted. If your Room is very bad, a Pound of rolled Brimstone; if only a few, Half a Pound. Lay it on the Charcoal, and get out of the Room as quickly as possibly you can, or it will take away your Breath. Shut your Door close, with the blanket over it, and be sure to set it so as nothing can catch Fire. If you have any India Pepper, throw in with the Brimstone. You must take care to have the Door open whilst you lay on the Brimstone, that you may get out as soon as possible. Don't open the Door under six Hours, and then you must be very careful how you go in to open the Windows; therefore let the doors stand open an Hour before you open the Windows. Then brush and sweep your room very clean, wash it well with boiling lee, or boiling Water, with a little unflacked lime in it, get a Pint of Spirits of Wine, a Pint of Spirits of Turpentine, and an Ounce of Camphire; shake all well together, and with a Bunch of Feathers wash your Bedstead very well, and sprinkle the rest over the Featherbed, and about the Wainscot and Room.


If you find Swarms about the Room, and some not dead, do this over again, and you will be quite clear. Every Spring and Fall, wash your Bedstead with Half a Pint, and you will never have a Bugg; but if you find any come in with new Goods or Box, &c. only wash your Bedstead, and sprinkle all over your Bedding and Bed, and you will be clear; but be sure to do it as soon as you find one. If your Room is very bad, it will be well to paint the Room after the Brimstone is burnt in it. This never fails if rightly done.


An effectual Way to clear the Bedstead of Buggs.

TAKE Quicksilver and mix well in a Mortar with the White of an Egg, till the Quicksilver is well mixt, and there is a Blubbers; then beat up some White of an Egg very fine and with the Quicksilver till it is like a fine Ointment, then with a Feather anoint the Bedstead all over in every Creek and Corner, and about the Lacing and Binding, where you think there is any. Do this two or three Times, and it is a certain Cure, and it will not spoil any Thing.


Directions to the House-maid.

ALWAYS when you sweep a Room, throw a little wet Sand all over it, and that will gather up all the Flew and Dust, prevents it from rising, cleans the Boards, and saves the Bedding, Pictures, and all other Furniture from Dust and Dirt.



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