Savoury Pudding Recipes

11. Good Pudding.

Take a Quart of Cream, put to it a pound of beef-suet cut small, season it with Nutmeg, Rose-water and Sugar: Then grate two Manchets, and beat seven Eggs, put in half a pound of Currans, mingle all these well together, butter the dish, and bake it not too much; grate Sugar over it.


12. Green Pudding.

Take some boiled Mutton minced, with beef-suet shredded, a little Time, Marjoram, and Parsly, and a handful of Spinage, them mix all these together with a little grated bread, and three Yolks of Eggs, some Cream, Sugar and Nutmeg, Currans, and a little flower; then roll it up in a Sheep's Ccaul; bake and send it.


13. Calves-Foot Pudding.

Boil two pair of Calves-feet very tender, and set them to be cold; then cut the Meat off and mince it very small; then slice a penny Loaf and scald a pint of Cream, shred six Ounces of Beef-suet very fine, with five Yolks and two Whites of Eggs well beaten, a good handful of Currans, Nutmeg, Sugar and Salt; then fold a Caul of a breast of Veal like a sheet of Paper, leaving the end open, fill it with the Pudding, and a good quantity of Marrow, sow it up in a Cloth and boil it almost two hours; then take it up and lay it on sippets with Verjuice, butter and Sugar, stick it with blanched Almonds, Orange and Citron-peel; you may put in Sack instead of Verjuice if you please.


14. Puddings to boil Chickens or Pigeons with

Take the Flesh of a Rabbet, or the Wing of a Capon, for want of these a piece of Veal or Lamb with the Kidney-fat, or Marrow suet, or both, as much Meat as Suet; shred them as small as you can with Parsley, Time, Savory, and Marjoram, season it with Cloves, Cace, a little Calt, and put to it three spoonful of grated Bread, mingle them with Cream and the Yolk of an egg; then pare the Flesh with your Fingers from the Legs and Necks, and put in some of the Pudding, fill them not too full least they should break in boiling; then boil them in Milk and Water with a bunch of sweet Herbs, and a blade of Mace, a little salt; then beat some Butter with the Juice of an Orange with the Butter; send it.


15. A Cabbage Pudding.

Take half a pound of Veal, shred it with two pound of suet very small, grate two Nutmegs with a pretty quantity of Pepper and Salt; then take Cabbage half boiled as much as will lie on a Sawcer; then take seven

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