Catalogue of Books

England's Newest Way, etc.

Thrushes, Felfair, Pheasants, Partridge, Bittern, Geese, Tame Ducks, Cock-Turkeys, and Hen-Turkeys, Capons, Virgin Pullets, and Hens with Egg, and Chickens; likewise Hares and Rabbits.


Note. That the Cock-Turkey is out of season after Christmas but the hen continues in season till Easter, and is with egg all the Spring.


BOOKS Printed for Christopher Coningsby

The Ladies Writing-Master, being a Curious Sett of Round-hand Copies, which is the only Hand now in use: By William Elder. Printed on the tops of the Thirty six Folio Pages to Write under, whereby any Person may attain to write handsomely with a little Practice. Price 1s 6d.


The Modish Penman, containing variety of all the Usual Hands now practised in England; and an Exact copy to write Greek by; with Directions wherby any Person may attain to write any of those Hands with little Practice; likewise excellent Receipts for making several sorts of Ink, and other Curiosities. By William Elder Price 1 shill.


The Young Man's Companion, containing Examples of the usual Hands now Practised in England. By William Elder. Price 1S.

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