Boiled Cauliflowers



fresh butter and a seasoning of salt; shake the stewpan about well and when the butter is well mixed with the carrots, serve. There should be no sauce in the dish when it comes to table, but it should all adhere to the carrots.


Time. – Altogether ¾ hour.

Average cost, 6d. to 8d. per bunch of 18.

Sufficient for 1 dish.

Seasonable. – Young carrots from April to June, old ones at any time.


THE SEED OF THE CARROT. – In order to save the seed of carrots, the plan is, to select annually the most perfect and best-shaped roots in the taking-up season, and either preserve them in sand in a cellar till spring, or plant them immediately in an open airy part of the garden, protecting them with litter during severe frost, or earthing over, and uncovering them in March following. The seed is in no danger from being injured by any other plant. In August it is fit to gather, and is best preserved on the stalks till wanted.




1104. INGREDIENTS. – To each ½ gallon of water allow 1 heaped tablespoonful of salt.


Mode. – Choose cauliflowers that are close and white; trim off the decayed outside leaves, and cut the stalk off flat at the bottom. Open the flower a little in places to remove the insects, which generally are found about the stalk, and let the cauliflowers lie in salt and water for an hour previous to dressing them, with their head downwards: this will effectually draw out all the vermin. Then put them into fast-boiling water, with the addition of salt in the above proportion, and let them boil briskly over a good fire, keeping the sauce-pan uncovered. The water should be well skimmed and, when the cauliflowers are tender, take them up with a slice, let them drain, and, if large enough, place them upright in the dish. Serve with plain melted butter, a little of which may be poured over the flower.


Time. – Small cauliflower, 12 to 15 minutes, large one, 20 to 25 minutes, after the water boils.

Average cost, for large cauliflowers, 6d. each.

Sufficient. – Allow 1 large cauliflower for 3 persons.

Seasonable from the beginning of June to the end of September.



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