Elementarie - Seasoneth Young Minds

Ettibi fortassis vel sponte pepercerit, utqui

Dum te errare videt, se quoque posse videt.

Una meos multum solatur causa labores,

Quos sibi devotos Anglia nostra videt.

Cura migi commune bonum, miserebitur omnis,

Si quis sperai faenoris error erit:

Perge liber, fratremque tuum comitare, minores

In procinctu alijiam meditanturiter. R.M.


The titles handled in this book.


Why I begin at the Elementarie, and wherein it consisteh. pa.I.

That this five brached Elementarie is warranted by generall autorite of all the gravest writers, and the best como weals. pa.5


The opinion of the best writers concerning the choice of wits fit for learning. pag.II


That this Elementarie and the profitablenesse thereof is confirmed by great reason and most evident proufs.


That this Elementarie seasoneth the young mindes with the verie best and swetest liquor. pag. 20.


That this Elementarie maketh the childe most capable of most commendable qualites. pag. 24


That this Elementarie resembleth natur both in number of abilities, and in maner of proceding. pag. 27


That this Elemntarie riddeth the course of the after learning from all difficultie and hardnesse. pag. 37


That this Elementarie by avoiding of ignorance avoideth all misliking. pag. 44


That the entrie to language and judgement thereof by grammer is the end of the Elementarie. pag. 49.


The generall platform and method of the hole Elementarie. p.52


The method which the learned tungs used, in teh finding out of their own right writing. pag. 61.


That the English tung hath in it selfe sufficient matter to work hir own artificiall directio for the right writing thereof. pag. 77


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