Table Alphabeticall - Placards and Pomp

physiognomie, (g) knowledge of a mans nature by his visage, and countenance.

physicke, (g) medicine, helping, or curing.

phlebothomie, (g) letting bloud.

phrase, (g) forme of speach.

philosophie, (g) study of wisdome.

phrensie, (g) madnesse.

pietie, godliness, holinesse.

[fr] pillage, spoile in warre, and sacking, of the enemies.

pinguiditie, fatnesse, or greasinesse.

[fr] pilot, maister, guider of a ship.

[fr] pionner, digger, or ditcher.

piramis, (g)

piramides, a steeple, or other build-ing, or a pillar broade beneath, and           sharpe aboue.

pistated, baked.

[fr] pirate, a robber on the sea.

[fr] pittance, short, banquet.

placable, easie to be pleased.

planet, (g) wandring starre.

[fr] plaintife, the partie complayning.

platforme, the mould and fashion of an house.

plausible, pleasing, or receiued ioyfully, and willingly.

plebian, a common man.

plenarie, full.

plenitude, fulnesse, thicknesse.

[fr] plunge, dippe, or put vnder the water.

plume, feather.

pluralitie, more then one.

poeme, (g) verses of a poet.

poet, (g) a verse maker.

poetesse, a woman poet.

pole, (g) the end of the axeltree whereon the astronomers, faine the heauens to be turned.

pollicie, a wittie shift.

poligamie, (g) hauing more wiues then one.

polish, to deck, or make faire, smooth, sleeke, or shining.

pollute, defile, or distaine, or make filthie.

pomegarnet, or pomegranet, (k) fruite.

pompe, the countenance of things in furniture, and setting forth to the outward shewe.

ponderous, weightie, heauie.

pontificall, lordly, sumptuous, bishop-like.

portable, that may be carried.

popular, seeking the fauour of the people by all meanes possible.

populus, full of people.

popularitie, pleasing the people.

portend, signifie before it happeneth.




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