Table Alphabeticall - A Confused Heap

centre, (g) middest of any round thing or circle.

centurion, captaine of a hundred men.

ceruse, white leade, or painting that women vse.

cessement, tribute

chanell, sinke:

chaos, (g) a confused heap or mingl-mangle

[fr] chapelet, a garland.

chaffar, buying and selling.

character, (g) the fashion of a Letter, a marke, or stampe:

[fr] champion, wilde field, also a challenger,

chambering, lightnesse, and wanton behauiour in priuate places

charter, a grant of any thing confirmed by seale.

[fr] Chastise, correct, punish

[fr] Chaunt, sing

[fr] cheualrie, knight-hood

cherubin, order of Angels:

chirograph, (g) hand writing

chiromancie (g) telling of fortunes, by the lines in the hands:

chirurgion, (g) a surgeon

choller, (g) a humour causing anger

christ, (g) annointed

chronicler, (g)

chronographer, historie wri-ter.

chronicall, (g) returning at certaine times

chronologie, (g) storie of times past.

cibaries, meates, nourishment

cider, drink made of apples

circuit, compasse about.

circular, round

circumcise, to cut the priuie skin

circumference, the round and utmost circuit, or compasse

circumligate, binde about

circumscribe, to compasse about with a line, to limit.

circumspect, heedy, quicke of sight, wise, and doing matters aduisedly.

circumlocution, a speaking of that in many words, which may be said in few

circumstance, a qualitie, that accompaneth any thing, as time, place &c

circumstant, things that are about vs,

circumuent, to close in, to deceaue, or intrap craftily.

cite, alledge, call as witnesse, to summon to appeare.



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