Table Alphabeticall - To Expire Fabulously

expert, skilfull

expiation, pacifying with satisfaction, purging by sacrifice

expire, to dye, or giue vp the ghost to decay.

explane, to make manifest, or declare

explicate, declare plainely

[fr] exploit, enterprise, act, deede

expose, to offer, or lay open, to hazard,

expostulate, to reason, or chide with, to complaine:

expresly, fitly, manifestly

exprobration, vpbrayding, casting in ones teeth.

expugnable, to be wonne, or ouercome.

expulse, driue out, or thrust out

exquisite, perfect, fine, singuler, curious.

extant, appearing, abroad, shewing it selfe.

extasie, a traunce, or sowning.



extemporarie, suddaine, without premeditation, or study

extende, spread forth, prolong, or make longer, to inlarge.

extenuate, lessen, minish, or make lesse.

externall, outward, strange

extimulate, provoke, prick forward.

extinguish, put out, or quench

extinct, put out

extirpate, to pull vp by the rootes

extoll, aduance, or praise highly, to lift vp

extort, to wring out, to wrest from by violence.

extract, draw out

extrauagant, wandring out of order.

extraordinarie, besides, or more then common custome.

exuberancy, plenty

exult, bragge, triumph, or leape for joy

exulcerate, to make sore, to corrupt.


Fabricate, make, fashion.

fabulous, fained, counterfeited, much talked of.

facete, merry conceited.

fact, deede

facilitie, easines

faction, deuision of people into sundry parts and opinions

factious, that maketh deuision, cententious.

factor, one that dothe businesse for another.

facultie, license, power, aptnesse, abilitie, fallacie.



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