Table Alphabeticall - Sophistication

sodomitrie, when one man lyeth filthylie with another man.

[fr] soiourne, remaine in a place.

solace, comfort.

sole, alone.

solemnize, to doe a thing with great pompe, reuerence, or deuotion.

solecisme, false latine.

[fr] solicite, moue, or intreate earnestly.

solide, sound, heauie.

solitarie, alone, or without compan.

soluble, loose in body, going often to.

solution, vnloosing, or paying.

sooth, truth.

sophister, (g)


sophisme, cauiller, or craftie disputer, a cauilling, deceit-full speech.

[fr] sotte, foole, dunse.

[fr] soueraigne, chiefe, or highest in authoritie.

[fr] source, waue, or issuing forth of water.

[fr] soile, filthy or durtie.

span-new, very new.

spatious, large, wide, or broad.

specifie, signifie, or declare particularly.

specke, spot, or marke.

spectacle, a thing to be looked at.

sperme, seede.

sphære, (g) round circle, or any thing that is round.

spicerie, a place to keepe spice in.

splendent, glistering, shinning.

splene, milt.

spleniticke, that is sicke of the splene.

spongeous, like a sponge.

spousals, betrothings, or contracts.

spume, fome, or froth.

stabilitie, surenes, certaine, strong.

stable, sure, stedfast.

stablished, sure, confirmed, or made strong.

[Fr] stampe, print, mrake.

[Fr] stanch, stay, flake.

starke, stiffe.

station, a standing place.

statue, an image of wood, or any other matter.

stature, height, bignesse.

sterilitie, barrennesse.



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