Glossographia - Unfamiliar Words



After I had bestowed the waste hours of some years in reading our best English Histories and Authors; I found though I had gained a reasonable knowledge in the Latin and French Tongues, as I thought, and had a smattering both of Greek and other Languages, yet I was often gravell’d in English Books; that is, I encountred such words, as I either not at all, or not throughly understood, more then what the preceding sence did insinuate:


In the Turkish History I met with Janizaries, Mufties, Timariots, Bacha’s, Seraglio’s, Shaches, Turbants, &c.


In the French History, the Salique law, Apennages, Vidams, Daulphin, &c.


In the Spanish, the Escurial, Infanta, Sanbenito, &c.


In the Roman Histories I often found mention of Consuls, Tribunes, Dictators, Pretors, Cohorts, Legions, Theaters, Obelisks; The Capitol, Vatican, Pasquin, &c.


And in many other Books, mention of several Religious


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