Glossographia - Horizon and Honi Moon

Homography (homographia) like writing or painting.


Homologation (homologatio) an admission, allowance, or approbation, a consent unto.


Homology (homologia) an agreement, a consession.


Homonymy (Gr.) when divers things are signified by one word or name; as Hart signifies a beast, and a principal Member of the body; a likeness or sameness of name: It is a term in Logick. Holy War.


Homonymous (Gr.) whose name onely is common, their essence divers, doubtful, ambiguous.


Honi soit qui maly pense. (Fr. signifies, Evil or shame be to him that evil thinks; it is the Motto belonging to the Order of Knights of the Garter.


Honor, does sometimes signifie the most noble sort of Seigniories, on which other inferior Lordships or Mannors depend by performance of some Customs or Services to the Lords of such Honors. And it seems there are no Honors, but such as did originally belong to the King, and have since been given in Fee to Noble men. Of this sort are the Honors of Windsor , Greenwich , Tickhil, &c. And Courts there held are called Honor-Courts. 37 H.8.18. 33 H.8.37.


Honour point, In Heraldry the upper part of an Escoutcheon is so called, when its breadth is divided into three even parts.


Honorary (honorarius) pertaining to honour, which is made for honor, more then use.


Honorificabilitudinity (honorificabilitudinitas) honorableness.


Honorifical (honorifucus) that brings or causeth honor.


Honi-moon, applied to those married persons that love well at first, and decline in affections afterwards; it is hony now, but it will change as the Moon. Min.


Hoquton (?), (Fr.) a fashion of short Coat, Cassock, or Jacket without sleeves.


Horary (horarius) of the space of an hour, hourly.


Hoplochrism (from the Gr ?, arma, and ?, unguentum) an anointing of arms or weapons, as they do in the use of the weapon salve. Dr. Charl.


Hoplochristical, pertaining to the Weapon-Salve.


Horcentrick (Fr.) out of the Center; clean without the Compass of, Mathematicians apply this word to the Sun, when his Center, being at the full height of his Epicylcle, is farthest from the Center of the earth. Cot.


Horizon (Gr.) a Circle immoveable, dividing the half-Sphear of the Firmament which we see, from the other half we see not; it hath the name of ? termino, to bound or limit our sight. For example, imagine you stood upon Highgate




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