Dictionarium Britannicum - Transcendence to Transmutation

TRANSA’LPINE [translpin, F. of transalpinus, of, trans, beyond, and Alpes, certain Mountains in Italy ] beyond the Alps .


To TRANSCE’ND [of transcendere, L.] to surpass, to go beyond.


TRANSCE’NDENCE [transcendentia, L.] Surpassingness, Excellence.


TRANSCE’NDENT [transcendens, L.] going beyond, extraordinary, excellent.


TRANSCE’NDENTNESS, Transcendingness, Surpassingness.


TRANSCENDE’NTAL [of transcendant, F.] exceeding, going beyond, surpassing.


TRANSCE’NDENTAL Curves [in the higher Geometry] are such as cannot be defined by Algebraical Equations, or which, when expressed by Equations, one of their Terms is a variable or flowing Quantity.


TRANSCENDE’NTAL [in Physicks] something raised or elevated above other Things, or which passes and transcends the Reasons and Circumstances of other inferior Beings, so as not to be intimately and essentially included under them.


TRANSCENDE’NTAL Quantities [with schoolmen] are particularly apply’d to the Continuation of the Existence, Duration, or Time of a Being.


TRANSCENDENTAL Quantities [with Geometricians] are undeterminate Quantities, or such as cannot be expressed or affixed to any constant Equation.


TRANSCENDE’NTALS, the most universal Conceptions of Things.


TRANSCO’LATED [transcolatus, L.] strained through.


To TRANSCRI’BE [transcibere, L.] to write out or copy from another.


TRANSCRI’BER [transcriptor, L.] a Writer out or Copier.


TRA’NSCRIPT [transcriptum, L.] that which is written from an Original or a Copy.


TRANSCRI’PTIO recognitionis, &c. [in Law] a Writ to certify a Recognizance into Chancery, L.


TRANSCRIPTIO pedis finis,c. [in Law] a Writ for the certifying the Foot of a fine, levied before the Justices in Eyre, &c. into Chancery, L.


TRANSCRI’PTION, the Act of transcribing or copying, L.



TRANSCU’RSION [of transcurrere, L.] a Running from one Place to another.


TRA’NSEAT [School-Term] i.e. let it pass, used when they suppose a Proposition to be true without granting it.


TRANSELEMENTA’TION [with Schoolmen] a Change of the Elements or Principles of one Body into another.


TRA’NSFER [among Dealers in Stocks] A Conveyance or Making over of Stock from the Seller to the Buyer.


To TRA’NSFER [of transferre, L. ] to pass, make over, or convey from one to another.


TRANSFIGURA’TION, a Change of one Figure or Shape into another, F. of L.


TRANSFI’GURED [transfiguratus, L. transfiguré, F.] having the Form, Figure, or shape changed.


To TRANSFO’RATE [transforatum, L.] to make a Hole through.


To TRANSFR’RM [transformare, L. transformer, F.] to change from one Form or Shape into another.


TRANSFORMA’TION a Changing out of one Form to into another, F. of L.


TRANSFORMA’TION of an Equation [with Algebraists] is the Changing any Equation into another that is more easy.


TRANSFU’LGID [transfulgidus, L.] shining through.


To TRANSFUSE [transfusum, L.] To pour out of one Vessel into another.


TRANSFU’SION, a Pouring out, F. of L


To TRANSGRE’SS [transgressum, L.] to trespass against or violate a Law or Order.


TRANSGRE’SSION, the Going beyond the Bounds of, the Violation or Breaking of a Law, F. of L.


TRA’NSGRESSIONE, a Writ commonly call’d a Writ or Action of Trespass.


TRAN’SIENT [of transiens, L.] after a transient Manner, quickly passing.


TRA’NSIENTNESS [or transiens, L. and ness] a transient or fleeting nature or Quality, Shortness of Continuance.


TRANSIRE, to go or pass over, a Word used in the Satutes for a Warrant or Let-pass.


TRA’NSIT [transitus, L. a Passage] a Pass or Liberty of passing.


TRANSIT [with Astronomers] is the Passing of any Planet just by or under any fixed Star, or the Moon’s Passing by or Covering any other Planet.


TRANSITS [in Astrology] are certain Familiarities gained by the Motions of the Stars through the Radical Figure of a person’s Nativity.


TRANSI’TION, a Passing from one thing to another, or from one Subject or Point of Discourse to another.


TRANSI’TION [with Musicians] is when a greater Note is broken into a lesser, to make smooth the Roughness of a Leap, by a gradual Passage to the Note next following.


TRANSI’TION [with Rhetoricians] a Figure, the same as Metabasis, that consists in the Passing from one Subject to another.


TRA’NSITIVE [transitivus, L.] an Epithet given by Grammarians to such Verbs, as signify an Action which passes from the Doer to or upon the Sufferer or the Subject that receives it.


TRA’NSITIVELY [transitivè, L.] after a transitive or transient Manner.


TRA’NSITIVENESS [of transitivus, L. and ness] Transientness or a transitive Nature.


TRA’NSITORY [transitorius, L.] passing away.


TRA’NSITORINESS [of transitorius, L. and ness] Fleetingness, a transitory or quickly passing Nature or Quality.


To TRANSLATE [translatum, L. ] to turn out of one Language into another, to remove from one Place to another.


TRANSLA’TION [in the Sense of the Law] the Removal of a Bishop from one Diocess to another, and accordingly such a Bishop does not write Anno Consecrationis, but Anno Translationis nostræ


TRANSLA’TION of Light and Nature [with Astrologers] a phrase used when a light Planet separates from one that is more weighty, and perfectly joins another that is more weighty; as suppose Saturn to be in twenty Degrees of Aries, and Mars in fifteen Degrees of Aries, and Mercury in sixteen Degrees of the same Sign; here Mercury, being a light Planet, separates from Mars, and translates his Virtue to Saturn.


TRANSLA’TOR, one that turns out of one Language into another, or removes out of one Place into another; also a new Vamper of old Shoes, &c.


TRANSLU’CID [of translucidus, L.] shining through


TRANSLU’CIDNESS [of translucidus, L.] the Quality of shining through or permitting Light to shine through.


TRANSMARI’NE [transmarinus, L.] foreign, of, or from the Parts beyond Sea.


TRANSME’ABLE [transmeabilis, L.] that may be passed through.


TRANSMEATED [transmeatus, L.] passed through.


TRANSMIGRA’TION, a Removing an Habitation from one Place to another, L.


TRANSMIGRA’TION [of souls] the Passing of Souls departed out of one Body into another.


TRA’NSMIGRATED [transmigratus, L.] having remov’d one’s Habitation form one Place to another.


TRANSMI’SSION, a Sending forward or Delivering over, a Conveying, L.


TRANSMI’SSION [in Opticks, &c.] is the Act of a transparent Body, passing the Rays of Light thro’ its Substance or suffering them to pass.


TRANSMI’SSIBLE, that is capable of being conveyed.


To TRANSMI’T [transmittere, L. transmettre, F.] to convey send, deliver, or make over to another.


To TRANSMO’GRAPHY, to transform or metamorphose.


TRANSMONTANE [transmontanus, L.] dwelling or growing beyond the Mountains.


TRANSMOTIO [with Rhetoricians] a Figure, whereby the Orator removes the Imputation of any Thing from himself. This Figure is also call’d Transitus and Variatio, L. Metabasis and Metastasis, Gr.


TRANSMU’TABLE [of trans and mutabilis, L.] capable of being changed.


TRANSMU’TABLENESS [of trans and mutabilis, L.] Capableness of being changed.


TRANSMUT’TION, The Act of transmitting or changing.


TRANSMUTA’TION of Metals [with Alchymists] or the Grand Operation (as they call it) is the Finding the Philosopher’s Stone. This (they tell us) is a curious universal Seed of all Metals, and is endued with that admirable Quality, that if any Metal be melted in a Crucible, and a little of this Stone of Powder of Projection (as they term it) be put into the melted Metal, it will immediately turn it into Gold or Silver, according as it is used.


TRANSMUTA’TION [with Geometricians] the Reduction or Change of one Figure or Body into another of the same Area or Solidity, but of a different Form, as of a Triangle into a Square, &c.


TRANSMUTA’TION [with Chymists] the Changing the Substance, Quality, or Colour of mixed Bodies: and there are


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