The opening lines of the poem The Loss of the Fame, f.4

MSS EUR D742/8 f. 4. Manuscript poem by Mr Glover entitled ‘Loss of the Fame’, 2 February 1825.



of the



“Darkness succeeds; but soon a blaze of Light

“Darts its refulgence thro’ the Shades of Night,

“For lo! tremendous from the Vessel’s frame,

“Clouds of Saltpetre burst in liquid flame;

“O’er the black Waves its poisonous vapours fly,

“ And scatter Death and Horror thro’ the Sky;

While the blue Mass enshrouds the Vessel’s Sides

“In Streams of fire, and hisses o’er the Tides:

“Old Ocean, shuddering as the Torrents fell,

“Shrunk backward, and disclos’d th’ abyss of Hell.”


The Fame                                                         Page 22.

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